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Essex Commercial Photography - SparklersOver the best part of a decade the studio photography experts at Mobile Studio Photography have worked with all manner of businesses to help them promote goods and services in printed promotional materials and on websites.

Previous business photography has included food photography for packaging, commercial photography for company websites (including those of solicitors, counsellors and doctors), advertising photography for companies introducing new products to the market and we even supplied landscape photographers for the redevelopment of the new wing at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford prior to it being opened to the public.

Our food photographers have consistently produced some of the best food photography in Essex, the chances are you have already seen in on supermarket shelves.

Commercial Photographer Essex

Essex Commercial Photography - South Bank Fashion ShootOur mobile photography studio specialises in commercial advertising photography and commercial fashion photography. We have worked with haute couture labels for location shoots and Chris van Sadler, our principle commercial photographer, has been appointed house photographer for high fashion designers at London fashion week, responsible for photography on and off the catwalk.

Effective Commercial Photography

Essex Commercial Photography - Tahini-SauceWhen it comes to effective commercial photography food manufacturers are moving away from food stock photography and towards professional food photography taken on location where it is prepared in a portable photography studio. The reason is simple, food looks its best when it is freshly prepared, and if you want to elevate your brand above your competitors, you can’t use the same images to represent it. This principle can be applied to most industries as the consumer is repeatedly exposed to ‘all too familiar’ imagery. The service industries are no different, when browsing for say, a solicitor to represent you or an accountant to arrange your finances, wouldn’t you choose the person who appeared the most approachable or even trustworthy? An effective commercial photography studio will take these things into consideration when choosing lighting, expressions and surroundings.

Having worked with such a wide range of businesses Mobile Studio Photography has some of the best commercial photography Essex has to offer, although the applications of the studio photography we supply is much further reaching. We can also help arrange things like hiring models  or children for commercial photography services. Although we are not predominantly a baby photography studio, we can supply baby studio photography on location which makes things much easier on all parties involved!

If you would like to talk to us about hiring our studio for photography to help promote your goods and services and increase sales, we would be happy to help. Effective commercial product photography sells itself, as increases in resultant sales prompt further cohesive working for future projects.

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